Enabling managers to monitor and set performance thresholds

Queues must be managed queue management systematically and not allowed to descend into a free-for-all. The process must include positive feedback of progress. The process must be clearly identified; start end points must be visible. Perception of waiting time should be managed.. Advantages of line the process queue management system it provides many advantages to the customer service provider and the customer itself. The advantages are:- a) staffs dealing with customers who have been well-treated get less stressed and this increases job satisfaction. B) staff can serve more customers per hour if those customers are fed to each counter efficiently. C) help the management by producing statistical reports on information such as arrival rates and patterns, waiting and service times, and default and reneging cases. D) enabling managers to monitor and set performance thresholds. E) customer will treat with fairness and in more relaxed environment.

This system is operated as calling number in sequential or randomized order

The queue flow will be smoother and increase the efficiency of in the queue management system price there are many products have been produced according to increase the effectiveness in the queue flow. There are standalone queue system, advance queue system and centralized control queue system. Standalone queue system figure. Shows the system of a queue processor based solution. This system design is based on the single service and single counter operation. For the operation of this system, this system is operated as calling number in sequential or randomized order. This system is the best use in application of small business, clinic& single payment counter. Figure. Below shows the example of operation in standalone queue system.

Operation of standalone queue system in the standalone queue system, there are only one counters operates in the entire customer will be managed at the same counter with the single service operation. The operation of this system is used the fifo queue model. Fifo queued model or first in first out is the concept of first come first serve. With this concept, the entire customer will be treated equally.

Queue management system price based solution

The standalone queue system is best describe with single department service operation. Advance queue system shows a system of queue processor queue management system price based solution. This system design is based on the single departmental use and can support up toservice andcounters. It provides useful queue features and comprehensive reports. Price The application of this system is the best use for service center, bank, hospital pharmacy, or any organization with multiple counters. It also provides real-time status monitoring for the analysis. Figure. Below shows the example of the advance queue managemant system operations. Operation of advance queue systemthe advance queue number system is the system that consists of multiple service operation and multiple counters. In this system, the customer will be arranged according to their service operation.

This system operation is efficient when it has to manage many customers with many service operations. This system operation is best described as the single departmental operation with multiple counters. Centralized control queue system figure. Shows a system of a high-end pc-based solution. This system queue server will be able to support up todepartments.Each of departments can have up toservices andcounters. The system is network compatible, this means each department can be located at different building or even different geographical are which is connected through lan or intranet. This system also provided real-time status monitoring. Figure. Shows the example of centralized control. There are many cases when we face the waiting situation.we find ourselves in such situations everyday at checkouts, in supermarkets, banks, restaurants, etc. In order to reduce the time spent in waiting systems, one solution would be to supplement the checkout clerks, but this is not always the most economical strategy to improve services. One of the factors influencing consumers' perception on service quality is the efficiency of waiting systems. The waiting time is inevitable in the case see this of random requests. Thus, providing the capacity for a sufficient service is needed, but it is involving high costs.